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Enviromental Responsability:
Copamex is a company committed to the environment and natural resources.
We all know the big impact of solid waste to our nature, among others:


  • Save 17 trees, 7,100 gallons of water, 81.2 cubic feet of landfill space, it avoids the emission of 6,600 pounds of greenhouse gas equivalent to CO2 and there are saved 4,100 kw/hr (EPA 2008).
  • Reduce the materials retrieved in the landfield and avoids the incineration of tons of trash.
  • Reduce pollution generated by the manufacture of products made from virgin row material.
  • Reduce greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to global warming.
  • Promote a positive culture that will help to preserve nature and environment sustainability for future generation.

Fuente: U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Related Tips

  1. Avoid using plastic bags when go shopping, they increase the trash and it takes around 150 years to be degraded.
  2. Turn off electric appliances when they are not in use.
  3. Open the windows.  Let get in the sun light and fresh air.  Use the air conditioner only when necessary.
  4. Buy products in recyclable containers and with minimum wrapping.
  5. Plant one or more trees.
  6. Drive less your car, walk more.
  7. Replace regular light bulbs with fluorescent compact light.
  8. Review periodically the level of air from the car tires to make more efficient the gas consumption.
  9. Use less hot water.  Hot water requires a great amount of energy.
  10. Acquire local products.
  11. Reduce the amount of trash and reuse all the products you can.
  12. Recycle as much as possible and buy recycled or biodegradable products.


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